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Austerity hits North harder than South

New analysis shows that over the past decade, Northern English cities had 20% of their local government spending cut while those in the South and East lost 9%. The Centre for Cities think-tank found that the five towns or cities with the biggest spending falls since 2010 are: Barnsley (-40%); Liverpool (-32%); Doncaster (-31%); Wakefield (-30%); and Blackburn (-27%).

BBC News are reporting on the Centre for Cities research and suggest that Liverpool saw the deepest cuts per resident, of £816. Luton and Oxford were the only two cities among the 62 assessed where spending rose - by 21% and 15% respectively. A report says the Treasury review of public spending this autumn must deliver extra cash for all councils, but particularly those in urban areas, if authorities are to remain sustainable in the face of growing demand for social care. Nearly half of cities spend at least 50% of their budget on social care alone, up from 38% in 2010.