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Coronavirus (COVID-19) latest insights 28 September 2021

ONS published the latest data on deaths registered weekly in England and Wales, new findings from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Schools Infection Survey, and analysis of how rising house prices are affecting workers during the pandemic. 

  • In the week ending 17 September 2021, 1,049 deaths were registered in the UK involving COVID-19. This was the highest number since the week ending 12 March 2021. 

  • Just over one in three school staff members and just over one in ten secondary school pupils in England reported experiencing ongoing COVID-19 symptoms for more than a month. 

  • Of survey respondents reporting ongoing symptoms, 15.5% of staff and 9.4% of secondary school pupils said their ability to carry out day-to-day activities had been significantly reduced.

  • Rising house prices and private rents mean that some workers are at risk of being priced out of living in rural and coastal areas, contributing to skill shortages in the tourism and hospitality industries that their local economies rely on.

  • House prices were rising at three times the national rate in some rural and coastal areas in July, such as Conwy, North Devon and Richmondshire, continuing a trend seen during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

  • You can read more on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Latest Insights page. 

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