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Coronavirus (COVID-19) roundup: 23 June 2020

ONS have published the latest data on deaths registered in England and Wales, including those involving COVID-19.

They have also published in-depth analysis of deaths in May and looked at estimates of household income in the context of the lockdown.

Some of the main points include:

  • There were 48,538 deaths involving COVID-19 registered up to 12 June 2020 (26,771 men and 21,767 women)

  • Most deaths involving COVID-19 have been among those aged 65 and over (43,346 out of 48,538)

  • By setting, private homes recorded the most excess deaths (deaths above the 2015 to 2019 average) for the third week running, although the total number of excess deaths continued to fall

  • COVID-19 was the underlying cause of death for more than one-fifth (21.6%) of deaths occurring in May 2020, down from 36.1% in April 2020

  • Dementia and Alzheimer disease was the most common main pre-existing condition found among deaths involving COVID-19

  • The poorest fifth of people are more likely to work in occupations with high potential exposure to COVID-19, while those in the richest fifth are more likely to be in jobs with low exposure to the virus.

Read the ONS roundup