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Coronavirus (COVID-19) roundup: 24 July 2020

ONS have published the latest figures from the COVID-19 Infection Survey and the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey, as well as new data on overseas travel and tourism and retail sales. We’ve also published a new interactive tool, mapping deaths involving COVID-19 by local area. Some of the main points include:

  • Estimates suggest that the decrease in the number of people in England testing positive for COVID-19 is continuing to level off

  • We estimate that in the last week (13 to 19 July), 1 in 2,000 people within the community (which excludes those in hospitals, care homes or other institutional settings) had COVID-19. This equates to an estimated 27,700 people

  • Following the peak recorded in April 2020, in June 2020 there has been a large decrease in the proportion of deaths involving COVID-19 across all English regions and Wales

  • Taking into account the size and age structure of the population, there were 88.0 deaths involving COVID-19 per 100,000 people in England and Wales over the period March to June 2020

  • In March, the first month where travel was seriously affected by COVID-19, overseas residents made 1.4 million visits to the UK, a 54% drop compared with March 2019

  • People are continuing to feel more comfortable about eating out since lockdown measures were eased in Great Britain

  • The amount of money spent online has increased at a fast pace since before lockdown, increasing by 61.9% in June 2020 when compared with February 2020

Read the ONS roundup