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Coronavirus (COVID-19) roundup: 25 August 2020

ONS have published data on perceptions of unity and division in Great Britain, as well as an analysis of people changing occupations. ONS have also added the latest weekly deaths registrations. Some of the main points include:

  • Between 24 April and 28 June 2020, more people thought that Great Britain would be more united after the pandemic (46%) than before the outbreak (24%)

  • However, public perception of unity has altered as the pandemic has progressed; the percentage of adults who thought that Britain would be more united after the pandemic declined by 29 percentage points (from 57% in the first week of the period to 28% in the last week)

  • There were 52,026 deaths involving COVID-19 registered up to 14 August 2020 (28,624 men and 23,402 women)

  • The total number of deaths in the week ending 14 August was 9,392, above the five-year average and the highest weekly total since the week ending 12 June

  • The pandemic has so far had little impact on the number of people switching occupations; around 1 in 16 employees (6.1%) changed occupation in the first half of 2020, compared with 5.7% in the same period last year

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