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Cut the Bull: how changing your diet could help save the planet

As the effects of climate change become better recognised and the planet’s population continues to grow, more and more attention is being focused towards the issue of food impacts on climate change.

Many people believe that a complete overhaul of what we eat may be the only way to meet the needs of a planet in crisis and experts from across disciplines are urging us to consider the sustainability of our diets.

For the sake of our own health and that of the planet it is clear that something must change. Rising meat consumption, ever growing food miles, an obesity crisis across the Western world and the loss of seasonal eating are just some of the issues faced by today’s producers, consumers and policy makers.

What does a ‘sustainable’ diet look like? What will this mean for consumers and farmers? And what can local governments do to address this issue?

This Local Government Innovation Unit briefing will examine the complex and often contentious questions surrounding the food we eat and make recommendations on the ways in which local governments can address issues of health and climate change through diet.