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New National Design Guide issued to councils

The Government has issued a new National Design Guide, setting out ten principles of good building to inform local authority planning decisions.

The guide urges councils to ensure new houses and developments inspire “a sense of delight,” and states that more homes must not come “at the expense of beauty, quality and design,” and that more attractive buildings may overcome ‘Nimby’ local opposition.

Among the recommendations in the guide are for tree-lined avenues, respect for local history, clear streets and a mix of housing types.

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick says the Government’s housing policy is “not just about the quantity of new homes but the quality too. I want new homes to be well designed, in harmony with the local area and rooted in communities.” “Our new design guide will provide a national standard for planners to adhere to. We want to empower local people to decide what good looks like,” he added.