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Understanding the impacts of gambling - seeking local views

2018 Wirral Public Health Annual Report 

Wirral Public Health’s annual report for 2017/18 is going to be centred around the theme of problem gambling in Wirral. Problem gambling is defined as gambling to a degree that disrupts or damages personal, family or recreational pursuits.

In order to understand how this issue affects people locally, it is important that we speak to those affected. Therefore we would like to speak to local residents in Wirral who may be affected by this issue whether this is someone currently problem gambling or has been an issue for them in the past. We would also like to speak to those who have had close family members who have been or are problem gamblers to understand how it has affected them also.

We would like to collate individual case studies, through interviewing participants. All information will be anonymised and summarised into a one page overview for a case study.

If you know anyone who would be interested in taking part in this research then please contact Rory McGill on