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Wirral’s COVID impact: Share Your Story

Coronavirus has changed all of our lives.

From social-distancing to mask-wearing, to catching up via screens more than in-person – we have all had to change the way we do the most day-to-day things.

And over the last year or so, we have all made sacrifices be they personal, professional or both.

We are looking for Wirral residents to tell their stories of this pandemic. Their real experiences, their challenges, the lessons learnt and the warnings they would give to others. These stories could help others to refocus their efforts to control the virus.

Do you have a story that could encourage others to do the right things?

We’re looking for people such as:

  • Keyworkers who’ve worked throughout the crisis, kept us moving

  • Health and Care workers who’ve risked their lives to keep us safe and well

  • Families who have been affected by the harsh realities of COVID-19

  • People who didn’t take it seriously at first, but they do now

  • Students who’ve worked hard at home and want to return to school/college

  • Younger people – what are your experiences and concerns?

  • Those aged 20-29 who may be starting/finishing education or starting out in careers and looking for employment

  • Those who’ve tested positive without any symptoms

  • Those who’ve had the virus and are still dealing with symptoms

There is light at the end of the tunnel, but only together can we bring down Wirral’s cases, protect our loved ones and our NHS.

If you have a story to tell, however great or small, please contact