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Your guide to producers of trusted health information

In relation to Patient Information, we see all Health Professionals wanting to encourage patients to play a more active role in their health and empower them with tools to better self-manage their care. This starts with trusted health information.

In a short consultation time, Doctors and Health Professionals can struggle to fully explain health, disease and treatment and signpost reliable health information. The PIF TICK or Patient Information Forum: Trusted Information Creator or PIF TICK makes it easy to spot certified producers of reliable health information.

The UK credibility mark PIF TICK is the UK’s only independently assessed credibility mark for print and online health information. It is operated by the Patient Information  Forum, a not-for-profit body set up 25 years ago to develop best practice in health information.

This directory lists the PIF TICK certified organisations by disease type. It will be updated every six months as new members join. Latest Directory for February 2023.

Look for the PIF TICK 
Patients can use the PIF TICK too. Ask them to look for the ‘big green’ PIF TICK to find trusted health information and avoid misinformation when searching the internet.
To find out more about PIF TICK and to download patient factsheets on spotting false health information, understanding clinical evidence and BMI visit: