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Sexual Health

Wirral 2014-15 Sexual Health Needs Assessment (SHNA)

The central question the SHNA sought to answer was, “What needs to change to improve the sexual and reproductive health of people in Wirral?” The SHNA was led by Wirral Public Health Team and took a whole-system approach, looking at sexual health issues primarily from the perspective of local people as well across organisations. As sexual health is a sensitive subject, Wirral Public Health Team developed and worked within an ethical framework and thorough methodology.

The (SHNA) explored patterns of behaviour, beliefs and social factors relating to sexual health in order to highlight where change is needed to improve the sexual and reproductive health of local people. The findings are provided in a series of documents (see links below).

Please note: this SHNA does not cover domestic abuse or child sexual exploitation (CSE). Please see the separate section of the JSNA for information on CSE and Domestic Abuse

Additional information

Sexual and Reproductive Health Profiles (Update August 2017)
Abortion Statistics for Wirral: 5-year review, 2012-2016 (June 2017)
Sexually transmitted infections (STI) in England: 2015 (July 2015)
PHE have released an annual report and data tables showing trends in STI diagnoses, chlamydia screening activity and sexual health service provision (published 5 July).
Sexual and reproductive health in England: a guide to local and national data
'Making it Work' by Public Health England (January 2015)
A guide to whole system commissioning for sexual health, reproductive health and HIV
Tackling chlamydia: local government's new public health role
Local Government Association (February 2015): This briefing explains the challenges and opportunities in tackling chlamydia and reducing the burden of poor sexual and reproductive health in local communities. 

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