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Active Lives Survey from Sport England
The Active Lives Survey is a new way of measuring sport and activity across England and replaces the Active People Survey. 

Sporting Future: First Annual Report and Sport England’s investment programmes for tackling inactivity (July 2017)
This briefing provides a policy update on sport and physical activity and will be of interest to councils and their local partners, and particularly to officers and members with responsibilities for sport and physical activity.

The connections between young people’s mental health and sport participation: scoping the evidence (November 2016)
This scoping review from the Association for Young People’s Health focuses on the role of sport and organised physical activity in helping to prevent and treat mental health problems in young people, particularly in the 14-25 age group.

Wirral Profile (Sport England Local Sport Profile Tool) (Latest)
This is access to both the Sport England Local Sport Profile Tool and the resulting Wirral profile from that Profile Tool. The Local Sport Profile provides local partners and councils with a profile of up-to-date data for their local area, covering sports participation, facilities, health, economic and demographics, all in one place. This simple tool contains locally available data on a range of topics but please be aware other content in our JSNA (e.g. demographics) maybe more recent - please consider all available data. 

Please note, as of the end of March 2018, the local sport profile tool is no longer available. Sport England are working on providing access to a better tool , with more up-to-date data and greater functionality, which will provide local data in an easily accessible format. We hope this will be ready in the summer of 2018. In the meantime if you have any queries , please get in touch with Sport England at:

Active People Interactive tool
The Active People Survey (APS) is the largest survey of sports participation in the world (probably!) The survey, which started in 2005, involves 160,000 interviews each year and enables us to track the number of people taking part in sport in England. Active People Interactive is a unique and extremely valuable resource for the sport sector, unlocking the potential of APS data, which allows better understanding of sporting participation behaviours across the sector and more informed decision making.

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