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Please note that there is no overall chapter for smoking/tobacco. Instead, the links below show the latest data for Wirral and other reports on the topic.

Other information

Stop smoking services (May 2016) Infographic that explains why you should use Wirral local stop smoking service

Smokefree Summer campaign in Cheshire and Merseyside: A review of 2015 Campaign

Child Poverty and Smoking (BMC: Public Health Journal (June 2015): In 2011/12 approximately 2.3 million children (17% of UK children) were estimated to be in relative poverty. This research suggested that 1.1 million children - almost half of all children in poverty - were estimated to be living with at least one parent who smoked. The report highlights tobacco control interventions that effectively enable low income smokers to quit and reduce the financial burden of child poverty.

Key information sources for you to consider: