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Wirral Mosaic Profile

Mosaic is one of a number of tools which can help health, local government and third sector organisations gain more insight about their residents, target services at those most in need of them and communicate with people in the way they prefer. 

Mosaic segments the population according to postcode and is constructed from a range of sources including the Census, consumer behaviour, financial data, hospital episode statistics (HES) and lifestyle data.

In the current climate of financial challenge, Mosaic can be a very useful tool, as it allows organisations to target information at those who may find it most relevant or useful. Mosaic segments the population into 15 groups (A-O), and the Wirral Profile 2017, shows how those 15 groups are distributed across Wirral, with tables and maps explaining the differences between the groups and how Wirral looks compared to England for example.

For more information about Mosaic, or to find out if it could help you in your area of work, please contact the Wirral Intelligence Service at

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