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Wirral Surveys

Wirral Surveys: What's on the page?

This page will look to provide a range of reports where local public surveys relating to Wirral partners and over time.

How can you help?

If you are aware of any completed survey reports, any topic, published and available, then please email me at with the document, a link to the content or how I might get access, then we can then add it to this page. 

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Local voice for children and young people

This is a summary of those opportunities and instances that Wirral’s Children and Young People’s Department and key partners have sought the views of those accessing the services provided, involving them, and seeking to understand and incorporate their views into the wider decision-making process.

Future in Mind: Wirral Schools Survey - Mental Health and Services in Schools

This survey was undertaken on behalf of the Wirral Future in Mind Steering Group in order to ascertain and understand some key components related to:

  • Children & Young People’s mental health
  • How services were able to respond to that expressed need
  • How schools were able to work with Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services
  • The views of school leaders in relation to key mental health issues
  • Access to Speech & Language Therapy (SALT) services Approaches to Staff Wellbeing
  • Whole school approaches to improving mental health and wellbeing

The survey was originally undertaken in Summer 2016 where 46 schools responded; the survey was initially available in June 2016 before being redistributed in September 2016. The survey was then repeated in Autumn 2017, with 68 schools responding to the survey; a 48% increase in respondents.

Wirral Resident Survey 2017

Wirral Council asked Ipsos Mori to conduct a second Resident Survey, following the first survey in 2015.

Feedback from the 2018 Community Conversation Co-Production Events (July 2018)
This is the feedback from Wirral Residents following the 'Community Conversation' work led by Age UK Wirral


A survey of Public Perspectives on Highways and Transportation Services

The NHT Public Satisfaction Survey collects public perspectives on, and satisfaction with, Highway and Transport Services in Local Authority areas.

It is a unique, standardised, collaboration between Highway Authorities across the UK enabling comparison, knowledge sharing, and the potential to improve efficiencies by the sharing of good practice. The NHT Survey is also referenced in the DfT's Incentive Fund Self-assessment process.

It gives participating Authorities:

  • A better understanding of how they are performing in the eyes of their public

  • A consistent datum for setting service levels and a means of measuring the impact of service improvements

  • Access to the best performers and the opportunity to learn from the good practice of others

  • Full transparency of data for benchmarking purposes 

Executive Summary 2017

Overall National Results for 2017

Detailed Survey Results for 2017 (use this page to start exploring Wirral Data)

Download data for Wirral and other areas

Map View for England - consider by survey question

Wirral Local Authority Map (by Ward) - consider by survey question  


The 2017 GP Patient Survey assesses patients’ experience of healthcare services provided by GP surgeries, including experience of access to GP surgeries, making appointments, the quality of care received from GPs and practice nurses, satisfaction with opening hours and experience of out-of-hours NHS services. The survey also includes a number of questions assessing patients’ experience of NHS dental services.

The results of the survey are published by Ipsos MORI on behalf of NHS England on the GP Patient Survey publication website.

Access Wirral results

This Carers Survey is distributed to local residents by local authorities annually in order to gauge opinions and views about life as a carer.

This is then reported back as part of central government statutory returns, but we have reviewed the responses to develop this document and so inform our future policy, procedures and processes and support Carers across the Borough.

Wirral Carers Survey Report 2016/17


Wirral BAME Research and Innovation Toolkit (August 2017)
Although there are well-documented cultural variations in terms of disease prevalence, most of challenges BAME individuals face are similar to the general population

This local resource seeks to support the improvement of the health and wellbeing for BAME groups in Wirral. 


Wirral Smoking and Alcohol Prevalence Survey (April 2017)

In November 2016 Wirral Borough Council commissioned Praxis to conduct a survey to update their database of information relating to smoking prevalence and patterns of alcohol consumption in the 20% most deprived areas of Wirral. This report summarises the findings of this survey, including analysis of trends and comparison with previous smoking prevalence surveys (the first baseline survey was carried out in 2009).

In total 2,902 interviews were successfully completed, from a pool of 5,000 residential addresses – a response rate of 58%. Interviews took place during November and December 2016 with a small number being completed in January 2017.


Future in Mind: Mental Health and Services in Wirral Schools (November 2016)

This survey was instigated on behalf of the Wirral Future in Mind Steering Group in order to ascertain and understand some key component in formation related to

  • children and young people’s mental health,
  • how services were able to respond to that expressed need,
  • how schools were able to work with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
  • The views of school leaders in relation to key mental health issues and
  • Access to Speech and Language services

The approach was initially undertaken in June 2016 when 25 schools responded to the survey and then at the request of the FiM Steering Group the survey was put out again to schools in September/October 2016 in order to gain a higher response.

Wirral Mencap Consultation Report: How do we make Wirral a better place to live for people with a learning disability and their families? July 2016
Wirral Mencap has gathered data from over 160 people with a learning disability and/ or family carers to establish the main concerns and aspirations of people living in Wirral. The data includes information gathered via surveys, focus groups, accessible consultation exercises and statistical information from existing service provision. The data has been analysed and themes have emerged with the report being accessed here

Healthwatch Mental Health Survey with Young People attending National Citizen Service Programme and Birkenhead 6th Form College (Summer 2016)
Healthwatch set out to complete the survey with young people, over 140 making their feelings known, to allow then to share their understanding of mental health issues and to raise awareness of the services that are commissioned to support them. The survey was promoted through July, August and September via the National Citizens Scheme and with Birkenhead Sixth Form College. The results highlight the concerns and issues being faced by our young people today, services they want to access and ways they want to be communicated with. 


Wirral JSNA: Sensory Service survey results (2015)
This short report outlines the survey results provided by the Wirral Sensory Service in Autumn 2015. This was an opportunity for parents, carers and service users to provide their insight into the service they receive and issues they see as affecting their lives. View this document for more information.

Local survey of ex-military personnel and veterans (2015)
This short report outlines the survey results provided by the Wirral based All Military Members Organisation or AMMO in April 2015. This was an opportunity for ex-service personnel and veterans, living or accessing support in Wirral, to provide their insight into issues they see as affecting their lives. View the document for more information

Improving individual health and wellbeing across Wirral

Tackling entrenched problems in service delivery related to worklessness to improve outcomes for residents (Full content) (December 2015)

This research was jointly commissioned between Public Health and Regeneration in order to gain a greater understanding of  the barriers people are facing when existing on Employment Support Allowance with subsequent outcomes for their mental health and wellbeing. Public Health wanted to understand what motivated people to change their behaviour and how the place where they live impacts on their motivation to change.

Alongside developing our collective understanding as to these issues facing people in the borough there is an absolute recognition of the need to build the capacity of communities to take responsibility for their own health; using asset based community development techniques.