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Research is generating new knowledge by addressing clearly defined questions with systematic and rigorous methods to improve the health and wellbeing of the Wirral population.  Research is central in providing the evidence needed to transform services and improve outcomes e.g. transforming mental health.

The use of evidence and evaluation will improve how we measure the impact of our work, by learning from what works well, and what doesn’t.  We are an organisation that is committed to fostering a culture that seeks out research evidence and applies this evidence in decision-making.  To communicate openly about how research is contributing to improving and protecting the health and wellbeing and reducing health inequalities of the residents in Wirral.

Wirral Intelligence Service operates alongside and engages strategically and operationally with partner organisations locally and nationally who undertake, support and use research.  In many cases there is a need for research and analysis tailored for a specific need. Experts in data management, analysis, health economics, economic and predictive modelling and performance will provide seamless and bespoke intelligence support to evidence based decisions.

The team provide and support the following:

  • Research answers a specific question; aims to test hypotheses;

  • Evaluation provides practical information to help decide whether a development or service should continue or not; 

  • Evidence or literature review presents published information in a particular subject area;

  • Social Marketing & Geodemographics, or Customer Insight, segments our population, providing in-depth information about the needs and behaviours of local people;

  • Modelling – economic, predictive and simulation modelling are approaches we use to test scenarios or generate information within a simplified framework designed to illustrate complex processes;

  • Health economics and Social Return on Investment are concerned with issues related to efficiency, effectiveness and value in health and healthcare systems and health-affecting behaviours such as smoking.

View examples of completed research work by Wirral Intelligence Service 

Using evidence and intelligence to inform approaches, methods and outcomes; case studies and examples

For more information on our research approach, or to find out if we could help you in your area of work, please contact the Wirral Intelligence Service at

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