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Research & Evidence: 'How to' factsheets

Evidence Fact Sheets

We have compiled a set of fact sheets which aim to provide information, advice and support for anyone interested in research or evaluation.

They offer a practical resource to enable users to understand, design, generate and utilise research and evaluation evidence within their role.

The fact sheets will particularly support the effective commissioning of services but will also be of interest to anyone who would like to learn more about developing a research project or service evaluation.

1 How can I make sure my project is evidence based Feb 2014
2 What sort of evidence is available to me in Wirral Council Feb 2014
3 How do I prepare a review of existing evidence on a topic Feb 2014
4 What is the difference between research evaluation and audit Feb 2014
5 Why do I need to evaluate my project Feb 2014
6 How do I evaluate my project or service Feb 2014
7 Where can I find funding for my research project Feb 2014
8 How do I commission research or evaluation Feb 2014
9 How do I turn my idea into a research question Feb 2014
10 How do I design my research project Feb 2014
11 How do I write a research proposal Feb 2014
12 Logic Modelling factsheet Feb 2014
13 Ethical considerations in research & evaluation Feb 2014
14 Social Value March 2014
15 What are the best research evaluation methods to use March 2014
16 How do I design a simple service user satisfaction questionnaire March 2014
17 How do I analyse and interpret my data March 2014
18 How and why do I involve service users and other stakeholders March 2014
19 How do I disseminate the findings March 2014
20 SROI fact sheet March 2014
Evidence in project lifespan Feb 2014
Hierarchy of Evidence Presentation Feb14
Commissioningspectemplate Feb 2014

For more information on our research approach, these 'How to' factsheets, or to find out if we could help you in your area of work, please contact the Wirral Intelligence Service at