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Wirral Open Data

Open Data is data that anyone can access, use or share, that is non-personal and non-commercially sensitive. Open Data creates value for residents by providing information in new and accessible ways to help them make decisions about their lives and their communities. It increases transparency and helps councillors and council officers be held to account for their decisions and policies. 

Open Data also creates value by reducing the time spent providing data for individual requests, and by forming the basis of new apps and website functionality. Open Data can create value for businesses by making data available in formats that they can reuse for economic and social benefits.

We want to provide access to open data that Wirral Council creates that can be freely used, re-used, and redistributed, for any purpose, without restrictions. Open Data will be made available, via the internet, in an electronic format which supports its ready re-use, and with open licensing which allows its reuse. We will provide our Open Data under an Open Government Licence, and publish at least 3 star Open Data*.

Wirral Open Data options

National and other Open Data options