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Population data

Ward population tables

Births and Deaths

Population projections 

Comparative population tables 

Ethnicity tables

This page has lots of content on resident numbers from a variety or perspectives. We will be changing, adding and updating the page as and when new content or later versions become available. 

National population Tool (ONS)

Local Insight Reports

  • Local Insight is an online community mapping and reporting tool that provides instant access to neighbourhood level data, specifically for Wirral. It enables you to produce maps, tables and reports for specific areas of Wirral, as well as displaying where local services are located, e.g. GP practices and pharmacies in Wirral.

Other population data in Excel (and maybe PDF) that people can download

compare to SotB and CoL see what we can slice 

how would we present this info - if we were then trying to align to new HWBB Annual Report?