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Healthy Standard of Living

It is well evidenced that where people live and spend most of their time has a huge influence on how health and how easy it is to stay well. Residents have told us that feeling safe where they live and having a secure home is important for their health and wellbeing.

Creating safe, healthy and sustainable places and communities will make a big difference to reduce the variance in health between communities in Wirral.

Improvements to existing housing, alongside wider regeneration activity for new homes, is crucial. Having a home that is affordable and of a good quality is fundamental to achievement and life chances; without this there are many barriers which widen the inequalities.

The current financial climate threatens the standard of living for everyone, but especially people already experiencing hardship and the global environmental emergency also compromises our health.

This priority is focused on people being able to live in thriving communities, in homes that support health and using the opportunities that exist within Wirral to make a positive impact.