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Strong Economy & Economic Regeneration


Health and the economy are the twin pillars of a resilient, thriving and prosperous society. The economy is also a major reason for differences in health outcomes. Wirral is at an important point in its economic history, having embarked on a transformational regeneration programme along the ‘Left Bank’ of the River Mersey which stretches from New Brighton to Bromborough, underpinned by the Birkenhead 2040 Framework and Local Plan. There are new opportunities with the transformation of Seacombe, and developments in Birkenhead Town Centre, all of which provides a unique opportunity for positive change.

This significant regeneration programme will be used to drive health improvement in areas where health is poorest by addressing the income and employment issues that cause ill health. With Community Wealth Building principles at its heart to help build an inclusive, fairer economy, this inclusive economic growth will generate jobs and prosperity for the people of Wirral in the future.

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An Evaluation of the Wirral Health Related Worklessness Programme (November 2019)

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