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Support Children, Young People and Families


Having a safe, loving and nurturing start in life supports children to go on to enjoy happy and fulfilling lives.

Evidence shows that much of the poor health experienced in later life can be the result of adverse experiences in childhood, which can impact on health for life and can also carry through into future generations.

Unfortunately, not all children and young people in Wirral have the same life chances that enable them to live their best life. That is why ensuring that all children and young people have the best start in life is a priority.

Wirral Early Years Strategy 2022-2026

Wirral Council and their partners will focus on making Wirral great for children, young people and their families, driven by the voice of the child, young person and their families.

This strategy has been co-produced and is intended to be a guidance document for parents/carers, key stakeholders and all early years professionals working across health, family support, PVI settings, childminders, children’s centres, nursery and primary schools on Wirral.

In particular, professionals can use this document to reflect upon the effectiveness of service provision in supporting school readiness and to consider any development required.

Child Health Profile (2023)

*For previous Child Health Profiles dated back to 2011, please visit the OHID Child and Maternal Health page and ensure the Geography selected is Wirral (the default is County Durham).

For more information, please visit the 
Education and Skills and Health and Wellbeing (Children) sections of our interactive State of the Borough report