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Wirral Early Years Strategy 2022-2026

Wirral Early Years Strategy 2022-2026

Wirral Council and their partners will focus on making Wirral great for children, young people and their families, driven by the voice of the child, young person and their families.

This strategy has been co-produced and is intended to be a guidance document for parents/carers, key stakeholders and all early years professionals working across health, family support, PVI settings, childminders, children’s centres, nursery and primary schools on Wirral.

In particular, professionals can use this document to reflect upon the effectiveness of service provision in supporting school readiness and to consider any development required.


  • An early intervention and preventative approach that is inclusive in  supporting children, young people and families to build resilience and take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

  • Children get the best start in life, so they are able to learn and develop resilience, capability, confidence and self-assurance through positive relationships.

  • Raise awareness of the importance of early childhood development in building community capacity to promote health and wellbeing using local assets.

Breaking the Cycle

  • Challenge barriers by having a one system coordinated approach across services throughout the earliest years and school.

Continuous Improvement

  • Co-produce with families and communities effective universal and targeted services throughout localities with aspirations for improved outcomes.
  • Provide challenge, training and support for parents and professionals in early years.

Creating a Culture of Inclusion

  • Empower parents and carers of children with SEND to
    challenge the workforce to be a champion of their child’s voice.
  • Ensure all provision is ready for the child and at each transition point each child’s needs are identified

Creating a Culture of Inclusion our people to make it happen

  • Invest in the early years practitioners of tomorrow
  • Better collaboration between the statutory services and the voluntary/charity sector.

Wirral aspires for all children on Wirral to develop these key skills in their earliest years that will secure foundations for their journey through school and into adulthood;

  • Resilience
  • Communication & Language
  • Positive sense of Self
  • Manage emotions
  • Collaborate
  • Independence

Linking our priorities to the aspects within the Early Years Foundation Stage; Unique Child, Positive Relationships, Enabling Environments and Learning and Development it will give a consistent approach and understanding of the requirements of us all in supporting children to be ‘Ready to Learn, Ready for School and Ready for Life’.