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Work Together with Residents

Engagement with residents is crucial to understanding resident needs, expectations and experiences and ensuring their involvement in key decisions about Wirral.   

A range of different types of consultations are carried out by many organisations across Wirral.

Findings are used in a number of different ways including to assess if proposals for change are right, to understand views on the quality of services residents receive and to put in place improvements and to challenge assumptions.

Organisations are joining together to ask residents once rather than a number of times and are using this information to jointly plan integrated approaches to benefit residents.

Some of the ways in which this engagement is captured are shown below.

We want everyone to get involved and shape the future of Wirral. The 'Have your say' website will help you find and take part in engagement activities that interest you. You can share your ideas to influence decisions in your area and see how your views make a difference.

View current and projects in Wirral and have your say at 

You can also view the completed consultation reports for each project and find out how the responses from residents have been used to make a difference in Council decision making

We are looking to collect and collate the results from the extensive engagement, involvement and consultation undertaken with residents and led by partners across Wirral. Keep returning to this new page as we will be endeavouring to add new content as often as it is received.

If you are aware of any completed and published local content and would like to get in touch then please let us know by contacting us at

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Key Surveys and Evaluations


Drugs Use in Wirral: A Qualitative Study

This research was carried out by the Qualitative Insight Team in the Public Health Directorate at Wirral Council as requested by the Wirral Drugs Strategy Lead.

Sexual and Reproductive Health: Qualitative Insights (Full Report)

This research was carried out by the Qualitative Insight Team on behalf of the Public Health Team in Wirral Council to supplement the full Sexual and Reproductive Health JSNA (May 2023) produced by Wirral Intelligence Service (Public Health Intelligence Team).

Vaping: Insights from young people and
professionals (November 2022)

The Qualitative Insight Team have spoken to young people (Year 7, Year 9, and Year 13 students) and professionals about vaping throughout their research engagements with local residents. The presentation above provides a snapshot of resident’s views and experiences around vaping.

Young people’s risk-taking behaviours and access to support: Qualitative study (Executive Summary) (January 2023)

The presentation above summarises the findings of a qualitative research project which explored young people’s risk-taking behaviours and the pressures in their lives, as well as what helps or prevents young people and families from accessing support and services. It displays the voices of young people (aged 11-19), parents, and professionals on a broad range of topics, such as vaping, substance misuse, gangs, crime, social media, body image, school pressures, and self-harm.  

The research was carried out by the Qualitative Insight Team between October 2022 and January 2023 on behalf of the Public Health Team and Children and Young People’s Department. The research contributes to the discovery phase of a project around the offer in Wirral for children and young people around ‘risk and resilience’ (health-related behaviours within the Healthy Child Programme). The voices and needs of the research participants will help shape the design and delivery of this offer.  

The full report is available on this webpage, which contains more detail and case studies.




This report:

  • summarises and links to qualitative resources to highlight a range of engagement with public, across UK and across groups relating to the topic or subject in question

  • could help understand local Wirral circumstances or be used to consider and compare similar impacts at that local level

  • includes local work, where it is undertaken and published, to consider impact and outcome

In partnership with the research agency, Revealing Reality, Wirral Council have been trialling a new approach to engage with local residents, in the form of panel discussions. Nine panels, lasting two hours each, were hosted across Wirral’s neighbourhoods, and over 100 people were engaged in the process.

- Summary Report 

- Full Report


Culture and Youth Culture (November 2019) (Full Report)

This report covers the 14th annual Youth Parliament held on 6th November 2019.

Through a variety of forums including Wirral Youth Voice Group, Children in Care Council, Wirral Young People’s Action Group and the Wirral SEND Youth Voice, Wirral strives to ensure that through listening and being responsive to the needs of children and young people that their views are at the heart of our services. 

The Parliament fits into the Wirral Borough Council Children’s Services strategic approach to youth engagement and participation and the Young People’s Engagement and Participation Framework. It is a regular full council meeting.  However, it is a closed meeting and, as such, the minutes are not for public view

The Review of the Youth Offer aimed to understand what young people in Wirral need and want to support their development and help them to achieve the best possible outcomes. With this insight, Children's Services will review current provision and work collaboratively to design a Youth Offer which will be accessible and beneficial to all young people in the borough.

The review is focused on listening to what young people are telling us rather than making assumptions about what we think they want- they are the experts. The review is not just about youth clubs or leisure activities, it considers all aspects of young people’s lives, including: health & wellbeing; education, employment & learning; hobbies, activities & free time; youth voice & democracy; young people in their communities; and, advice, information and access. 

Full Report

Usage of Local Authority Funded Youth Provision

Questionnaire responses

Also published at

NHS England together with Ipsos MORI, have published the latest Official Statistics from the GP Patient Survey. The survey provides information on patients’ overall experience of primary care services and their overall experience of accessing these services.

Data are weighted by age and gender so that results resemble the eligible registered list population of each practice and CCG.

The latest survey consisted of around 2.3 million postal questionnaires sent out to adults registered with GP practices in England from January 2019 to the end of March 2019. Around 770,000 patients completed and returned a questionnaire, resulting in a national response rate of 33.1%.

For a more detailed overview of our local results please see the data and reports published on the survey’s main website:

This report outlines the detail of the SEND Youth Voice Conference held at Pilgrim Street Arts Centre on Friday 25th January 2019. This annual event affords Wirral’s SEND Youth Voice group the opportunity to be listened to with a view to professionals learning and leading their services to better support and meet the needs of these young people. Last year’s event acted as a catalyst for significant change and, as such, the SEND youth voice group were encouraged to share their views on their most problematic area, namely Safety. Not coincidentally the Under 16 group and the Over 16’s both chose Safety as the nominated topic for discussion at this year’s event.

Summary Event Report (February 2019) 

Please note: Content from 2015 to 2018 has now been archived and is held on our Archive webpage.