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This is Wirral

Wirral Intelligence Service website provides a wealth of information about Wirral the place and its people.

A range of information is included about the Wirral population, including sets of key data linked to health and the economy and profile of households across Wirral. Information is also available related to Wirral’s geography including the borough as a whole, constituencies and wards.



Wirral is a borough of contrasts, both in its physical characteristics and demographics. Rural areas and urban and industrialised areas sit side by side in a compact peninsula of just 60 square miles and 24 miles of coastline.

The most recent population figures for Wirral show the population was 322,796 in 2017, making it one of the largest metropolitan boroughs in England.

Demographically, Wirral differs slightly to England, as it has a lower proportion of younger adults in their 20s and 30s and a higher proportion of older people.

In addition, life expectancy varies by around 10 years between wards in the east and west of Wirral, reflecting the large inequalities which are apparent in the Borough.

Wirral does however, perform well compared to other, demographically similar areas on a range of factors such as homelessness and educational attainment. The percentage of children classed as being ready for school and attainment at GCSE are above average – and these are both hugely important for the future prosperity of Wirral residents, given that education is an established route out of poverty.

For more information about Wirral, check out Local Insight Wirral and May 2019 Wirral Profile can be viewed here as a PDF


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Wirral Labour Market Profile (Nomis - Official Labour Market Statistics)

This Wirral profile brings together data from several sources and recently updated.
Details about these and related terminology are given in the definitions section. All figures are the most recent available.

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Work status Census 2011

These two short documents provide an overview by Wirral Ward (and comparator areas) of the proportion of Wirral adults aged 16-74 who recorded their economic activity status in the 2011 Census economic activity questions. Go to Wirral Local Insight website for more information. 

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Wirral Economic Profile (most recent)

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