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Wirral Economy

Wirral Labour Market Profile (Nomis - Official Labour Market Statistics)

This Wirral profile brings together data from several sources for 2016 through to 2017.
Details about these and related terminology are given in the definitions section.

All figures are the most recent available.

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Work status Census 2011
These two short documents provide an overview by Wirral Ward (and comparator areas) of the proportion of Wirral adults aged 16-74 who recorded their economic activity status in the 2011 Census economic activity questions. Go to Wirral Local Insight website for more information 
Economically Active
Economically Inactive

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Wirral Economic Profile (most recent)

Wirral Profile: An Economic, Social and Environmental Summary Profile of Wirral (November 2016)
Wirral Place Profile: An Economic Performance Profile of Wirral (November 2016)

Previous Economic Profiles - discontinued - do provide historic data
Wirral Economic Profile 2015 (November)
Wirral Economic Profile 2014 (November)

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