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Environmental Health (see also Health Protection)

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  • Environmental Health - Air Quality (October 2022)

  • Environmental Health - Outdoor Air Quality (November 2019)

  • Environmental Health - Food Safety (June 2018)

  • Environmental Health - Noise section will be available in the future when completed by Environmental Health and partners 

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Local Work

Takeaway for a Change
A collaborative Wirral pilot project to encourage behavioural change within families by raising awareness of and improving attitudes towards healthier options available at local fast food outlets.

Environmental Health related content

A recent LGiU Briefing: Local Authorities and Food Safety (July 2016) This Local Government Information Unit report highlights the changing and complicated picture in relation to local food safety. 

Food Standards Agency (FSA) - Latest Enforcement Data by Local Authority Area FSA work closely with local authorities in the UK to help ensure food stays safe and honest. FSA have agreements and protocols in place to support local authorities in their work and give guidance to explain the regulations and how they can be applied to food businesses. This Monitoring local authority activity data and report provides more understanding of local enforcement outcomes.

Every breath we take: the lifelong impact of air pollution Royal College of Physicians (March 2016) This report, jointly published with the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, examines the impact of exposure to air pollution across the course of a lifetime. The report offers a number of major reform proposals setting out what must be done to tackle the problem of air pollution. View the Royal College of Physicians website for more information. 

Air quality: a briefing for directors of public health (March 2017)
Local authorities have a central role in achieving improvements in air quality; their local knowledge and interaction with the communities that they serve mean that they know the issues on the ground in detail. This briefing provides the information to help Directors of Public Health consider the appropriate public health response to air pollution in their area. There is extensive evidence about the health impacts of air pollution, growing media and public interest and an indicator on mortality attributed to particulate matter air pollution in the Public Health Outcomes Framework. 

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