Interactive Reports

Data and intelligence for Wirral will be presented below in a series of interactive, Power BI data dashboards, organised alphabetically by topic. This page is still being developed, check back soon for a list of our interactive dashboards.

The State of the Borough paints a picture of Wirral using a range of statistics. Data is organised into themes, which can be explored via the navigation panel in the above link in an interactive way.

This report presents a range of data related to heath protection. The data in this report is compiled from a combination of publicly available sources (including from the Office for Health Improvement & Disparities, or OHID). Also view our Health Protection page. 

These are the 2019 results for the Indices of Deprivation (also known as the Index of Multiple Deprivation or IMD).The Indices of Deprivation are a unique measure of relative deprivation at a small local area level (Lower-layer Super Output Areas) across England and have been produced by this department and its predecessors in similar way since 2000. The Indices of Deprivation 2019 (IoD2019) is the most recent release.

This report will analyse national and Wirral specific datasets to examine the impact of inflation on Wirral residents. As this is a rapidly changing situation, this report will be updated monthly, and content may change depending on the latest data availability and the areas of impact.

  • Population Health (Currently under review to be refreshed and republished - Spring 2024)