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We are aware that our information can be 'date limiting' for you but that its detail and inference can still remain relevant, important and as a reference source so we have decided to keep all the previous good stuff in one place... here !!

We will collating content by year in the first instance, and providing the previous five years content that needs moving. 

Let us know if there is something specific you believe we once published that you would like access to and we can try and help.


Wirral Plan: A 2020 Vision

Wirral Plan 2020 – Closedown - view final reports

PREVIOUS CONTENT - Wirral Plan 2020 is now closed - Please see Wirral 2025

The Wirral Plan, published in June 2015, set out a series of 20 pledges which the council and its partners will work to achieve by 2020, focusing on three key themes:

  • Protecting the most vulnerable
  • Driving economic growth
  • Improving the local environment

This page highlights where the evidence meets the pledge. Over time we will continue to include and link further evidence as it is collated, the subsequent local strategies (here) and the associated action plans (here) with links to the performance outcomes (here) as they are reported.

Download the Wirral Plan 2020 vision