Public Health Annual Reports

2023/24 Public Health Annual Report

Work in Progress: Health and Employment in Wirral

The Public Health Annual Report (PHAR) is the independent annual report produced by the Director of Public Health. It is a statutory requirement for all local Directors of Public Health to produce a PHAR and is an opportunity to describe some of the key issues impacting on the health and wellbeing of local residents.

The 2023/24 report focuses on the importance of good employment on our health and wellbeing, and highlights the inequalities and challenges faced by people who are excluded from the employment market, or who hold insecure, low paid, and unsafe jobs.

Good employment is good for health. It is good for the health of individuals, good for the health of families, good for the health of communities, and good for the health of the economy.

This report draws together information and evidence from a range of sources and considers some of the barriers and challenges faced by local people. It sets out some of the evidence on what we can do as a system to address these barriers, and perhaps most importantly, provides an account of the lived experience of some of our residents.

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