Shopping prices comparison tool is launched

A new Office for National Statistics tool has been launched, allowing you to compare the average prices of over 450 items in the consumer prices inflation basket.

In the past year, 95% of these items have increased in price, with cucumbers (up 52%), olive oil (up 49%) and hard cheese (up 44%) seeing the largest increases.

The tool contains items ranging from bananas to nursery fees and aims to help improve the accessibility of our existing data by easily allowing users to track average price trends.

As well as showing average price changes on an item-by-item basis, the tool also lets you create your own bespoke basket of items and calculate the total average price change across these items, such as the cost of a roast dinner.

The tool will be updated every month to reflect the latest inflation data and will be refreshed each March to accommodate the latest changes to the items in the inflation basket.

Use the comparison tool